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Equipment Qualification

Seismic Qualification

In certain applications is required the verification of the correct functioning of the equipment under certain vibration conditions, or during/after a seismic event, for which it is necessary to perform a seismic qualification process.

NUCLEONOVA executes seismic qualification processes by means of analytical justification, numerical modelling or performing tests reproducing the required vibration conditions.

Throughout NUCLEONOVA’s trajectory, seismic qualification processes have been performed on different equipment, using the available methods, and under the required regulations, being able to guarantee the correct documentation of the qualification under any requirement.

Applicable Standard:

  • IEEE 344 “Seismic Qualification of Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations”
  • IEEE 382 “Qualification of Safety-Related Actuators for Nuclear Power Generating Stations”
  • RG 1.100 “Seismic Qualification of Electric an Mechanical Equipment for nuclear Power Plants”
  • RG 1.29 “Seismic Design Classification”
  • EPRI NP-7484 “Guideline for the Seismic Technical Evaluation of Replacement Items for NPP”
  • EPRI NP-6041-SLR1 “A Methodology for Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant Seismic Margin”
  • KTA 3504 “Electrical Drive Mechanisms of the Safety System in NPPs”
  • KTA 3505 “Type Testing of Measuring Sensors and Transducers of the Safety-Related Instrumentation and Control System”
  • IEC 60068-2 “Environmental testing – Vibration”
  • IEC 60980 “Recommended practices for seismic qualification”
Commercial grade dedication of components

NUCLEONOVA carries out the necessary activities to ensure that Commercial Grade Components can be used in safety related applications in Nuclear Facilities.

These Commercial Grade Components Dedication Processes follows the guidelines established by the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) and ASME NQA-1, among others. In particular, EPRI NP-5652, EPRI NP-6404, ASME NQA-1 Subpart 2.14, 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR21, UNE 73.104, etc.

Main phases of the Dedication Process:

  • Technical Evaluation, where the technical and quality requirements of the component to be dedicated are established. For this, the Critical Characteristics and Acceptance Criteria to be verified are identified, based on the Security Function. That is, to determine what is important about the element, to ensure that it will work properly for its Security Function.
  • Acceptance process, where it is verified and documented, by one or more of the recognized methods of acceptance described in EPRI NP-5652 (method 1, 2, 3 or 4), the compliance with the requirements established in the Technical Evaluation.

Nucleonova has experts and highly qualified personnel for carry out Commercial Grade Item Dedication for any speciality (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation…), having a methodology supported by our experience, as well as the evaluations performed from our Clients.

Environmental Qualification

In certain applications it is required to verify the proper operation of the equipment under specific environmental conditions (such as temperature, pressure, humidity, radiation, etc.), or during / after a fortuitous event (design basis event) that greatly modify the normal operating conditions, so it is necessary to justify / document the functionality of the equipment under these conditions.

On this matter, NUCLEONOVA offers services for:

  • Study of the equipment lifetime.
  • Certification of equipment under specific environmental conditions.
  • Ageing tests.
  • Environmental qualification according to IEEE or others
Electromagnetic Compatibility

Due to the progress of the equipment and the introduction of the electronics in the systems, a new need appears to comply with the compatibility requirements. Now, it is necessary to assure that the installation of the equipment will not affect to third parties, and the new equipment to be installed should work properly under the electromagnetic conditions of the location.

That is why NUCLEONOVA offers its Equipment Qualification service for Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements according to specific regulations, such as Regulatory Guide 1.180 of the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the USA).

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