History - Nucleonova
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NUCLEONOVA personnel has actively collaborated with the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant (Spain), during the design, recruitment and evaluation of companies, electrical assembly and instrumentation, mechanical and civil works.

Negotiation of contracts during the construction of the power plant. Participation in the design of the quality system and in the systems transfer since the construction phase.


Participation in the initial stages of the nuclear power plant: pre-operational and system testing, systems availability analysis, systems control in coordination with Operation, set-up of electrical systems and control of operational electric activities.


Participation during the operation of the nuclear power plant in the procurement activities, reception of materials, engineering and design, software, maintenance, laboratories (equipment calibration), documentation control, records and archiving centre management and Environmental issues.


Participation in the design and engineering activities assigned to the project, computer applications, electrical maintenance, radiological protection, evaluation of suppliers, design of the supplier control system -SCS-, implementation and follow-up, interrelationships with the parent company of the Group and purchases for SCS application in any company.

Likewise, NUCLEONOVA took part in the Suppliers Evaluation Group (GES) of the Spanish Nuclear Power Plants (CCNNEE), being an interlocutor of these in front of the NUPIC (Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee), of international scope.


      • Laguna Verde NPP (Mexico): Power increase

Replacement of equipment, materials and spare parts required for the Rehabilitation and Modernization Project of Units 1 and 2 of the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant. Participation in plant engineering activities, definition of technical specifications, evaluation of suppliers, purchase of materials, testing and commissioning, audits…


      • Reracking of Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant spent fuel pools (Spain)

Complete replacement of the current stainless steel frames of the East Fuel Storage Pool (E.F.S.P.) for others of higher density, and the up-grade of the bridge crane of the fuel building X68-EE003. Participation in the design phase, stockpiling of materials and supplies, manufacturing and installation in plant.


      • Almirante Álvaro Alberto NPP (Brazil): Steam generators replacement (ANGRA 1)

Replacement of steam generators, taking part in the coordination of the activities of the Joint Venture, preparation of the replacement program, development of design change packages, preparation of replacement and installation procedures, design and lay-out review, verification of the implementation of the Quality Assurance Program.


      • Proyect ITER TB04

Consulting services for evaluating documentation of the ITER TB04 project offer and of the submitted by the Joint Venture of two Spanish engineering firms.

Quality control in the manufacture of toroidal coils for ITER.


      • Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria): Installation of plasma equipment

Design, audit and monitoring activities of the plasma equipment installation project for reducing waste volume.


      • OL4 NPP (Finland): Requirement definition for the OL4 Nuclear Island construction

Development of the activities for the design of the OL4 Nuclear Island, such as study and analysis of the country’s regulations (YVL STUK Standards), proposal of possible suppliers, definition of technical equipment requirements, modular construction approach.


      • Bohunice NPP (Slovakia): Change of MSR

Participation as quality managers, granting the Quality Assurance Program fulfilment, supplier evaluation, purchase control, works supervision…


      • Studsvik NPP (Sweden): Volume reduction by melting the heaters

Participation in the reception, melting and recycling of heaters N21B003A, N21B003B and N21B005A of the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant in Studsvik (Sweden).


      • Construction of the Sugres Ekaterinburg Combined Cycle (Russia)


Mechanical supervision of the construction activities, control and monitoring of welds and verification of compliance with requirements.


      • Improvement of the maintenance process of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia (SPAIN)

Analysis of processes and improvement proposals for the optimization of maintenance activities, achieving an important optimization of resources.