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KEEP + knowledge management and training working group

KEEP + knowledge management and training working group

KEEP + knowledge management and training working group

Last January 26, the first meeting of 2021 of the Training and Knowledge Management Group, KEEP + was held in virtual format, with the participation of 18 representatives from 15 different companies, universities and organizations from the sector.

This working group is conceived as a platform for the exchange of ideas that revolve around training experiences and knowledge management in the field of nuclear energy. The aim is to establish a support that enables the analysis of relevant problems and generates opportunities in the sector.

In this meeting, Nucleonova company was welcomed as a new member of the group, represented by its Director of Operations, Juan Antonio Muñoz. Nucleonova appreciated the warm welcome, showing her willingness to contribute her experience, ideas, as well as learn from the rest of the group.

During the meeting several topics were discussed:

  • Presentation of two documents that collect the “nuclear masters” and “masters in energy training with nuclear intensification”, which will be available from February 1 on the website of the Educational Corner.
  • Latest news on the international activities and projects of different European consortia, specifically the European GREaT-PIONER project “Graduate education Alliance for teaching the Physics and Safety of nuclear reactors”, and the collaborations with the LANENT Network, sponsored by the International Organization for Atomic Energy.
  • The “Nuclear Stories” initiative, launched recently by the SNE and which is having a great reception, was announced. These are short articles on personalities of science whose discoveries have been a significant milestone for nuclear energy. All this led by Gonzalo Jimenez.
  • It ended by informing the group of the results of the Aprende “ConCiencia” and #ConversacionesNucleares, of FORO NUCLEAR, and encouraging the group to participate in the following calls.

You can expand information in the following link for more information.

At Nucleonova we want to be up-to-date in new forms of training and knowledge management, participating in working groups such as KEEP + from CEIDEN, offering its training service in those areas in which Nucleonova is a specialist.