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MTH staples

NUCLEONOVA distributes MTH Novagrip Clamping Plates which are a simple, easy to install and proven effective way of joining metal parts, without the need of weldings. Its use in fields such as steel, concrete, bridge-crane and construction in general, gives this technology a high degree of reliability, saving time and money.

Nucleonova supplies

exclusive products that add value to the industry.

Range of products

  • Forged steel Clamping Plates quality C45 + N (according to DIN EN 10.083-2).
  • Cast Clamping Plates (Material GTW – 40).
  • Clamping Plates for rails (GS 50 iron material).
  • Claws (material: steel coated in zinc).


  • Galvanized Clamping Plates of forged steel quality C45 + N, according to DIN-EN 10.083-2: steels for quenching and tempering.
  • Chemical composition of C45 steel: (analysis on casting)


  • Save of time and money.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Does not require the use of special tools.
  • Does not damage possible profiles coverings.
  • Safe in harmful environments.
  • It is not necessary to perform hot work (welding, cutting, etc.).
  • Loads and safety factor guaranteed.
  • Possibility of immediate relocation, as well as its reuse.


    • Connection plates: they must be manufactured in structural steel according to DIN-EN 10025-1, material cLase S235 or higher.
    • Screws, nuts and washers:
      • Class 10.9 bolts, according to DIN 6914.
      • Class 10 nuts according to DIN 6915.
      • Circular washers, according to DIN 6916.
      • Joints according to DIN EN 14399-1: 2005.

Fields of application:

    • Automotive: assembly of structures, etc.
    • Maintenance: transporters, etc.
    • Civil engineering: bridges, tunnels, etc.
    • Photovoltaic Solar Energy: structures, etc.
    • Construction and mechanical assemblies in general: power generation plants, water treatment plants, air conditioning, fire systems, etc.
    • General homologation for construction purposes, issued by DIBt 210301
    • MTH staple catalog.
    • Drawings

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    Note: NUCLEONOVA & MTH only supplies the Clamping Plates. We do not supply plates, screws, nuts or washers…