NUCLEONOVA signed an agreement with Korea Nuclear Partners (KNP) - Nucleonova
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NUCLEONOVA signed an agreement with Korea Nuclear Partners (KNP)

NUCLEONOVA signed an agreement with Korea Nuclear Partners (KNP)

NUCLEONOVA signed an agreement with Korea Nuclear Partners (KNP) for the development of cooperation in Procurement and-one solutions to customers. NUCLEONOVA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation with the South Korean company Korea Nuclear Partners (KNP) in order to jointly offer, procurement of equipment and solutions to its customers.

This agreement allows expanding the portfolio of products NUCLEONOVA, joining more than 20,000 products from 300 Korean companies and supplying high added value products to Korean plants. In addition, some offices have been enabled to KNP, in new facilities NUCLEONOVA in Paseo de la Pechina, Valencia.

Korea Nuclear Partners (KNP) is a subsidiary of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. (KHNP), a supplier of 40 percent of all domestic energy supply South Korea.

During the month of January Korea Nuclear Partners they have made a visit to Spain, having covered an ambitious agenda with visits to regional government entities, engineering, and proprietary companies in the Spanish energy sector. This visit has been framed within the plan developed jointly signed and framed in the agreement, as a preliminary to the trade mission NUCLEONOVA plans to make South Korea in the near future.

NUCLEONOVA, company characterized by a continuous innovative approach, is in the process of diversification and internationalization, set in its Strategic Plan 2017-2020, with which it aims to publicize its activities and broaden their view to consolidate its growth.