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Presence in organizations

Presence in organizations

Spanish Association for Quality (AEC

Spanish Association for Quality (AEC): Founded in 1961 by a group of professionals who wanted to improve their knowledge in the techniques of Quality Control, within the scope of an association that could accommodate both companies and experts in the FIEL.
It is a full member of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ)
It has a certification center for People in the area of quality, environment, Security, etc., through the CERPER (Center for the Registration and Certification of People).

Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE):

UNE is the only Standardization Organization in Spain and it was designated by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, before the European Commission.
In this case, UNE is the Spanish representative in the international organizations ISO / IEC and in the European CEN / CENELEC being, also, the national standardization organization of ETSI.

Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE):

Non-profit association and declared of Public Utility, constituted by professionals and institutions, with the aim of promoting knowledge and dissemination of nuclear science and technology. The SNE currently has about a thousand individual members and more than sixty collectives. Among the first are engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, economists and students. As collective partners there are registered entities, companies and organizations, public or private, related to any nuclear activity.

European Nuclear Society (ENS):

ENS is the largest society for nuclear science, research and industry in Europe. Since its founding in 1975, it has been promoting the advancement of nuclear science, research and engineering for its members, decision makers and the general public.
The membership of the Society includes national nuclear societies from 22 countries in Europe plus Israel. Another crucial component of this membership is the group of approximately 60 corporate members, representing key stakeholders who are partners in nuclear technology and research in Europe.

Technological Platform for Nuclear Fission Energy (CEIDEN):

A Spanish entity that coordinates the needs and efforts of R & D & I in the field of nuclear fission technology.
It allows to raise and address projects together and present a unique national position to proposals for national and international commitments.
CEIDEN includes all sectors related to nuclear fission R & D & I in Spain.
The platform responds to the request of the Administration and the European Coordination Commission of the national R + D + I, which interacts with the European Technology Platforms.