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Quality Engineering

NUCLEONOVA has a team of qualified professionals according to the UNE 73.405 (ANSI / ASME N45.2.6 / ANSI N45.2.23 / ASME NQA-1), for the performance of audits, both internal and external, as well as Inspection and Supervision of works (electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, etc.).


Inspection of manufacturing processes, Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT / SAT), assembly and commissioning.

Supervision of works

Guarantee the correct execution of New Construction, Operation and Maintenance activities, implementation of design modifications, decommissioning…


Realization and coordination of audits to quality systems, projects, suppliers, etc., as well as technical audits (Survey).

Implementation and adaptation of Quality Systems

Consulting activities for the implementation and / or adaptation of Quality Systems to specific regulations and sectors.

Actions as Project Quality Managers

Follow-up of project quality requirements, assuring the correct execution of the works and complying with the required quality levels.

Detection of counterfeit and / or fraudulent products.

Support for the detection of products that do not comply with the specified requirements, using internationally recognized systematics.

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