Quality Policy - Nucleonova
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Quality Policy

Integrated Policy on Quality, Environment and Prevention

NUCLEONOVA understands that the creation of value for Clients, employees and society must be achieved through the excellent management of all our processes and resources.

This model of value creation is supported by a high level of self-demand, both internal and required from our partners, as well as the optimization of our processes. Based on the following principles:

  • KNOW the expectations of our Clients, internal, external and our interest groups, to deliver products and services of their entire satisfaction.
  • PROMOTE continuous improvement, innovation and development activities to meet or exceed the expectations of our Clients, employees and other stakeholders.
  • ENCOURAGE the culture of continuous improvement, in Quality, in the Environment Risk Prevention, in products, services and in the management of the Company’s processes
  • ENHANCE the involvement of the Company’s employees through information flow, internal communication, training, recognition of achievements and permanent promotion.
  • DEVELOP teamwork as a pattern of behaviour at all organizational levels.
  • BOOST the Company’s culture of respect for the environment, prevention of risks for people and commitment to society, internally and among our collaborators, so that the Company is recognized as the leader in sustainable development.
  • ENSURE the improvement of the indicators of growth, profitability, leadership, social responsibility, environmental, safety and costs, to ensure the continued success of the Company.
  • COMPLY with the requirements of the client in each of the projects or works that are carried out, in such a way that the corporate image is continuously improved.
  • COMPLY with the applicable legal and regulatory standards.
  • PROMOTE the preventive culture using the methodology of risk assessment. On the other hand, the follow-up of deviations and non-conformities of the quality management system is carried out.

As a reflection of its commitment and adherence to it, NUCLEONOVA’s Management defines an organization with the necessary resources for the implementation and monitoring of the QMS.

Publication date: 2019/10/04