About us - Nucleonova
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About us

NUCLEONOVA S.L. is an engineering company located in Valencia, focused on adding value to the industry through its processes, providing solutions to the different challenges faced by its Clients.

NUCLEONOVA is specialized in Procurement Engineering, giving solution to whatever need related with spare parts management process, including obsolescence and acquisition of equipment and components. With this aim, we offer services such as market research and analysis of equivalent equipment, purchase management, definition of technical purchase specifications, analysis and interpretation of requirements, Equipment Qualification to comply with the requested classification (seismic, environmental, nuclear, electromagnetic compatibility, special certifications), detection of fraudulent or forged equipment, among others. As an additional resource, and in case of not locating the required equipment, NUCLEONOVA has implemented the Reverse Engineering process to obtain the basic design documentation for the manufacture of spare parts from existing components according to EPRI Guidelines and other standards.



Likewise, and as an essential complement to the Procurement Engineering, NUCLEONOVA has a portfolio of services related to Quality Engineering, such as inspections, supervisions, audits, implementation and adaptation of quality systems, quality managers, supply chain management, supplier evaluation, among other.


Additionally, NUCLEONOVA offers Engineering Services as project management, technical reports, life and obsolescence management, inspection, diagnosis and repair of electronic cards, as well as tailored-made training, within the scope of our services.


Finally, and thanks to NUCLEONOVA’s extensive experience in the nuclear sector, we offer Nuclear Services such as Operation and Maintenance support, Radiological Protection Services, Decommissioning Services, Waste Management Services, among others.