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High level of service


Great technical capacity


Global organization


Flexibility in design


  • CUSTOM DESIGNED cables / Cables on request with own design
  • FLEXIFORM reformable coaxials
  • HABIAFLAME2 fire resistant cables / Fire resistant cable
  • HABIATRON rad tolerant cables / Radiation tolerant cables
  • HI-FLEX flexible power cables / Flexible electrical cables
  • MULTIBEND microwave coaxial cables / Microwave coaxial cables
  • RAILGUARD rail transport cables / Cables for the railway sector
  • SEAGUARD naval cables / Cables for the naval sector
  • SPEEDFLEX halogen free coaxials / Halogen-free coaxial cables
  • SPPEDFOAM lowl oss coaxials / Low loss coaxial cables
  • WIRES CABLES and COAXIALS / Multicables and coaxial
  • DEFENCE wires and cables / Cables for the defense sector
  • INDUSTRIAL wires and cables / Cables for the industrial sector
  • NUCLEAR wires and cables / Cables for the nuclear sector
  • RF AND COMMUNICATION coaxial cables / Cables for telecommunications
  • TRANSPORT wires and cables / Cables for the transport sector

Nuclear regulation applicable to cables for the Nuclear Industry:

  • IEEE 383-1974 and 2003. IEEE Standard for Type Test of Class 1E Electric Cables, Field Splices, and Connections for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
  • IEEE 323-1972. IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • ASTM D882-97. Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting.
Electric actuators

NUCLEONOVA is distributor of electric actuators.

Design and manufacture of electric actuators and associated control systems, with a trajectory of more than 80 years.


Calculation, design, manufacture and testing of special low voltage electric motors and generators.


Low voltage equipment: terminals, switches, etc.

NUCLEONOVA is distributor of low voltage equipment: terminals, switches.

Manufacture of low voltage switchgear with the highest quality and performance.

Medium and low voltage electric panels.

Design, engineering and manufacture of custom electric panels, meeting the highest demands.

See examples of some projects carried out by NUCLEONOVA. Download pdf


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