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Engineering Services

Project Management

NUCLEONOVA has a team of qualified engineers and staff to respond to the needs of the Client during all Project phases, from the conceptual design, through the detailed design, project management, coordination of work, and any other service required by the client.

Technical Studies

NUCLEONOVA has extensive experience in:

  • Preparation of Technical Documents (Technical Specifications, Technical Engineering Studies, Calculations, etc.).
  • Preparation of Technical Reports for Offers Evaluation.
  • Design modifications.
  • Process improvement.
  • Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Analysis of equipment operation and functional validation.
  • Equipment lifetime analysis
Life management, obsolescense and log-term operation

The traditional industries are demanding the support in the Life Management of the facilities due to the obsolescence of their equipment, thus being able to guarantee the long-term operation.

To this end, NUCLEONOVA offers its experience and know-how to respond to these needs, providing an optimization of resources, guaranteeing profitable and safe production of the facilities.

Reverse engineering

Due to the problems raised by the obsolescence of the equipment, NUCLEONOVA has developed the Reverse Engineering service, following the strictest standards and guidelines, documenting the process according to the different requirements defined by the Clients.

In addition, NUCLEONOVA has received the gratitude of the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.), for the contribution in the Guidance for the Use of Reverse-Engineering Techniques, Rev. 1, dated May 2018, for the inclusion in Annex C of a model format to document the Reverse Engineering actions, following the system defined in the guide. It can be consulted in

This systematics used in the documentation of Reverse Engineering processes has been developed and applied in the projects executed by NUCLEONOVA, confirming its adaptation according to the requirements of its clients.

Inspection, diagnosis and repair of electronic cards

More and more equipments (inverters, power supplies, test equipment …) are to suffer failures due to problems with the electronic cards embedded in them, forcing large outlays for the replacement of the complete equipment without having spare parts or information enough of the electronic cards.

That is why NUCLEONOVA offers its service for Inspection, Diagnosis of Failure, including Repair of electronic cards, for which it uses internationally recognized regulations, such as IPC, MIL, EPRI, etc.


NUCLEONOVA offers Training Courses adapted to the needs of our Clients, related to all those activities that we perform, such as:

    • Quality Engineering: Training of auditors, Nuclear Regulations, How to overcome audits with success, ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards, Preparation of quality plans, Supply Chain Management, Construction Quality Control, Nuclear Qualification, etc.
    • Equipment Qualification: Seismic Qualification, Dedication of commercial grade components, Reverse Engineering, etc.
Photovoltaic projects

Development of Photovoltaic Solar Energy projects, from the Preliminary Study, Management of administrative procedures, design and engineering of the project, including installation and maintenance.

Additionally, from NUCLEONOVA we support new projects related to this technology, such as guaranteed reviews of existing self-consumption photovoltaic installations, support for the development of storage devices, etc.

See examples of some projects carried out by NUCLEONOVA. Download brochure

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